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Vic Dalziel
Rob Laubscher
Ex Officio
Gertie Eksteen
Dave Bland
Charl Futcher
Edward Knott
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Tina West
Jannie Aucamp
Ralph Botes Fund
Mike Chapman
Circuit Representatives
Chief Marshals
Deputy Chief Marshal
Dave Bland, Grant Sims
Dave Tunmer
Race Control
Chief Fire
Rob Laubscher
Chief Flag
Chief Radio
Chief Incident
Bruce Thomson
Chief Training Officers
Fire & Rescue
Jacques Bekker
Safety Car
Grant Sim, Mike Chapman
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When the Kyalami G P Circuit was completed in 1961 marshalling was provided by two separate
organizations, namely TMA (Transvaal Marshals Association) and TMCC (Transvaal Motorcycle
and Car Club).

Each managed a portion of the circuit and the disputes over whether an incident had occurred in
the one or the others sector were apparently quite spectacular. One needs to understand that all
marshals, worldwide will always want to be the one to react to an incident and are loathe to
acknowledge that it is actually outside their area of concern.

During 1971 the circuit owners stepped in and insisted that there be only one body and that that
body should reside under the authority of the Circuit Owner giving rise to the birth of the Kyalami
Marshals Association as a part of SAMRC. Interesting to know is the fact that to join KMA one needed
to pay a once off joining fee, with no annual subscriptions, of One Rand for life membership!!

A couple of years later it was decided that the marshals should have their own committee, still a part
of SAMRC, but at least they were able to have some say in their own destiny.

There was a natural progression to where KMA broke away from SAMRC and became a fully fledged,
autonomous body. Although the constitution has been changed, rewritten, modified and rewritten
again the Association has largely stayed the same as it was all those years ago.

KMA is managed by the Executive Committee, elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting
for a two year period of office, headed up by a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and
three other members to provide everything that it considers necessary for carrying on KMA's
activities in accordance with its Objectives, Rules and Regulations and will be solely responsible
for the management of KMA and all matters involving income and expenditure. The Chief Marshal is
appointed by the post chiefs and is an ex officio member of the committee and is responsible for the
operational managing of the association. He is assisted by his deputies and the persons holding the
positions of Chief Fire, Chief Flag, Chief incident and Chief Radio Marshal respectively.

From those humble beginnings in 1961 KMA has grown into an extremely well knit, well trained and
efficient marshalling body. Not only do we attend to all events at Kyalami (our Home circuit) but we
provide circuit marshalling services to circuits such as Zwartkops, Midvaal and Lichtenburg. We have
also been called on to handle many other events in the past such as the 94.7 cycle challenge, the
Midrand Round table Bed Race, the Red Bull Soapbox Derby and the F1 Renault Roadshow to name
but a few.

KMA has, over the years, been involved in many International Events such as Formula One, Moto GP, World Superbikes, World Moto X Champs, A1 Grand Prix and ISRS etc.

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