Kyalami Marshals Association run an extensive training course to empower the individual marshal to perform their function efficiently, competently and safely.

Training starts with the Induction Course which is run at the same time as a race meeting at Kyalami. This introduces the prospective member to the Association and marshalling, pointing out the requirements and commitment expected from the member.

This is followed by an orientation tour of the circuit allowing the prospective member
the opportunity to see where everything is situated on the circuit. The trainees will then be taught the theory behind - fire fighting, flagging, observing, radio communication and basic incident handling. This, in essence, completes the theory side of the training and the new member will now spend the next couple of months on a corner / post as a trainee - a trainee is required to attend a minimum of three race days and three non-race days prior to their qualifying race meeting - which must be a National - during which he/she will be observed by the Post Chief to determine whether he/she is "track wise".

Assuming the Post Chief concerned is satisfied the member will then complete a short written exam which, once he/she has passed, will advance him/her to a Grade 1 marshal and entitle him/her to full participation in the track side activities of the Association.

Advanced Fire, Flagging, Observer and Incident courses are offered during the year and are intended to refresh as well as upgrade the individual's knowledge and ability.

Annually the Association runs a Major Training Day designed to present the member with a full day of
practical, hands on training in a team based environment. Mock incidents will be set up on corners and the groups asked to handle these as if they were in a racing environment - with some nasty curved balls tossed in!
Non race days are the ideal opportunity for the individual marshal to learn and advance their skills as on these days a skeleton crew is present on circuit.

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